Rabu, 24 Agustus 2011


MARJINAL music band is a group of many gruop indie band in Indonesia that punk. Marginal inspired or was influncekan by the Sex Pistols, Bob Marley, Leo Kristi, Toy Dolls, Bad Religion, The Crass, Benjamin S, and the Ramones started early in his career in 1997 when it was still using the name of the AA (Anti ABRI) and AM ( Anti-Military) in the underground community. Berformasikan early punk band (1997) Romi Evil (vocals), Mike (gittar), Bob (bass), Steven (drums), formed the background similarity in addressing belantika live with each other. They are trying to convey a message to a rejection or acceptance and hope after what has felt, seen, in touch, and hear in everyday life. Entering 2001, these punk bands began to remove the name of AA and AM, they are authorized to use the new name of the Marginal. The new name in the can when Mike, the singer was inspired by the name of the warrior women workers "Marsinah .. .. Marsinah marginal" from Surabaya are very brave in meperjuangkan rights as workers. But unfortunately not yet at the time, Marsinah died in a noble sacred duty as a result of torture by officers in uniform camouflage as pet dogs of the capitalists. Not only that anything inspired Marginal Marsinah in meriliskan 3rd album with the title of the album "Marsinah" bercoverkan Marsinah face with black and white format.Fabulous, title track "Marsinah" with his album title, is very familiar at all because many young people singing the song "Marsinah" in tongkrongan, music studio, even in a musical. In 2005 Marginal back bringing forth album-4 with the theme of the "Predator" which consists tapes 1 & 2. Cultivation process to the 4th album is already megalami progress as supported by a capable tool, very much different at all if compared to previous albums, both in view of the cover design as well as a recorded cassette. During their work in the indie music industry, Marginal already experienced several times mutually pairs or unloading personnel, and is today still marginally strengthened by Romi Evil (vocals), Mike (guitar), Bob (bass), Proph (drums) now to continue to walk together in order to stay alive trying to convey a message of suffering of the people who poured in the form of music media.